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Forever in our Hearts

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Honorary Ambassadog

July 2, 2010 – April 24, 2017

While Traveler was not a TSBR alum, he was an honorary Ambassadog and often a TSBR cover model. His good looks and huge personality made him the ideal Golden Retriever. He welcomed his soon-to-be best buddy, Bullwinkle from TSBR, with an open heart and lots of snuggles. The bond that developed between them was quick and strong. No car trip was complete without one laying on top of the other. They had some great adventures together from many trips to Colorado, both summer and winter, to kayak follies and lots of down time at Lazy Dog Lake House.  

Traveler was blessed with the spirit of a greeter from day 1-never meeting a stranger, always certain that everyone would welcome his 90-pound exuberance. He never had a bad day, and made the outlook of those that knew him as sunny as he was. His sense of comedic timing and general orneriness brought innumerable smiles and laughs to his family. He was the goofball to straight man Bullwinkle.

His volunteer jobs for TSBR allowed him to display his strengths. At Wrapping for Rescue, he used his winning personality and golden looks to help boost donations. His mom, a professional photographer, took some great shots of him and Bullwinkle which graced the social media pages and website of TSBR, showing his handsome model qualities! 

Unfortunately, a neurological condition took him quickly after only 6 and a half short years. But Traveler lived every one of his days with a zest and zeal for life and people. Those who knew him have many joyful memories of his love, affection, and silly personality.

Traveler’s absence has left a bottomless hole in the lives of those that loved him. He was the true embodiment of the chorus, which we all sang to him frequently…

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You'll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away

Traveler, we shared our lives with you for a short time. But you made the days richer, lighter, and more colorful. My hope is that I can continue to carry your joy for life in my heart. You left us too soon. There were more memories to be made, love to be shared, and adventures to be had. My prayer is that I can see you again, someday. Your love, to me, is a glimpse of the divine—God’s boundless love for us—a tangible, joyful reminder that is always present. It filled me with so much more than I gave. We will miss you forever.

Traveler and Bullwinkle
Traveler Wrapping for Rescue


It is with sadness that we share with you the passing of Tidas "Tidy Bear.

Tidas joined TSBR in April 2013. Found by a good Samaritan - he had been hit by or thrown from a vehicle on highway 75 near the Texoma border and left lying there for dead.

Tidas came to us 20+ pounds underweight, severely dehydrated, with a compound comminuted fracture of the left front leg (Radius/Ulna). What we initially believed to be road rash, Xrays quickly showed (to our horror) - that his face, neck, and back were literally riddled with birdshot.

After 8+ months of care with many more to go, in December 2013, Tidas was adopted by one of his veterinary caregivers - who had been by his side advocating for him since he arrived. It was clear that Tidas, then and now, knew more love than imaginable.

Tidas thrived with his new family, and the love and joy he received and gave was unfathomable.

Tidas had made it! He had gotten that second chance we advocate for - he was living the good life making up for all the wrongs our world had dealt him.

But for Tidas, it seems he was dealt a disproportionately unfair hand and late this February, Tidas was diagnosed with cancer.

From his family:

We received news last week that our sweet, handsome Tidy Bear has a cancerous mass on his prostate called a prostatic carcinoma. I took him to get seen for what I thought was a simple UTI. I was SO very wrong. It is very likely this has spread from other regions in his body such as his lungs or bones. We are keeping him as comfortable as possible but unfortunately, his time with us is very limited. If you know me at all, you know that I adore this boy and I am just so overwhelmed with heartache. Working as a vet tech for years, I've dealt with disease, illness, and death regularly. But nothing prepares you for when your own pet is faced with these struggles.

Indeed, nothing prepared them or us to lose this shining light of hope so soon.

Tidas passed peacefully in the arms of his biggest love, and our collective hearts broke.

Tidas's rescue inspired us to step up for the "Harley's" of the world and fight for their hope. You, our TSBR Troopies, gave generously to ensure care so he could know the love that would never have forsaken him on a highway.

Together we can change the future for these sweet beloved animals.

Tidas you will forever be in our hearts!

Run FREE Tidy Bear - Run Free!


Joe came into our lives by "accident" but as we all know everything happens for a reason. He was found in the heat of summer barely able to walk, full of infection, partially blind and fairly deaf.

We agreed to foster him knowing full well that senior dogs are hard to adopt out. Lucky for us, this is the case. In a very short time it became evident that our home would not be complete if he were to leave us, so we became "foster failures". I will say that their can be no failure that is as fulfilling as taking into your heart a helpless, abused animal and nurturing them back to health. He was an absolute joy, bringing smiles and love to our home.

He is missed terribly. He will live forever in our hearts.

R.I.P. Joe "Jo-Jo"  With us from Sept '13-Oct '15

Harley Boo

Rest in Peace our Sweet Yellow Boy Harley

2011 - August 2, 2014


Surrounded by people he loved...

As many of you have learned by now, our beautiful, sweet, courageous yellow boy Harley crossed the rainbow bridge Saturday afternoon.

Harley was completely surrounded by people he loved, that loved him back unconditionally - with all their hearts; blankets and toys he loved, that we're sent by so many of you; a few of his favorite songs "Cookies" and "I'm an Adventure Dog"; a beautiful breeze on an August day in Texas; a medical team that could not have been more caring and compassionate.

He was truly at peace, and with a gentle nudge let Mommers know it was okay, and he was ready.

With his head in Mommers lap, she cried softly and stroked his ears, as our friend Kim from Clayton Nation lead this beautiful prayer:

Dearest Harley, our Beloved Friend, we are with you always and you will be forever in our hearts. Our gift to you is to let you go so you may leave in peace. As you slip these bonds of earthly life, know our hearts go with you.

Heavenly Father, we pray that you take Harley gently, releasing him from the pain of the flesh and welcome his soaring spirit as he rises to meet You in Heaven.

We are so grateful that Harley came into our lives and it is with gratitude and love that we return him to You.


It's been an emotional few days, as we were forced to accept that we could not repair in 8 weeks, the damage someone did in 13 years of this gentle, courageous, beautiful souls life. However, we could keep our promise to love him unconditionally and that he would never suffer another moment in our care.

Many are asking - "how is Mommers?" - her heart is sad, and she misses Harley and all that he brought to her daily life - mostly the JOY in seeing him flourish emotionally through her love and care. Her pack is grieving their new friends absence, as they had quickly rallied around him, and made him one of their own. To them he was indeed a "rock star"...for hanging with Harley ensured that there was never a shortage of toys, treats, and adventures to share.

In honor of Harley, Mommers would like for our friends and Harley World to please have a wonderful dinner of chicken fingers or chicken fried steak (two of Harley's favorite things). Raise a glass and be grateful how Harley touched our lives. He had more love in the past 8 weeks than most dogs have in a lifetime.

How to donate

If you are moved to contribute in Harley's memory to our medical special needs, please use the link:

*The TSBR Medical Special Needs Fund supports dogs like Cash and Gunter and ensures that we can take in dogs like Harley on a moments notice.



a water dog, through and through

October 20, 2001 - August 20, 2014

Layla was a beautiful yellow Lab that grew up on the shores of Lake Erie and playing at her family’s western Pennsylvania hunting camp. She was a water dog, through and through. She would take off swimming in Lake Erie and swim so far out that she could barely be seen, and her mom would have to call and call for her to come back. She was also a Jeep dog that loved being the boss! Even a diabetes diagnosis could not slow her down too much. She progressively lost her eyesight, but was just hitting her stride.

In 2012, Layla got a wonderful retirement home in Texas when her mom and dad moved with her to the Lone Star State. She also got a little brother, Bentley, the German Shorthaired Pointer. Layla was a great big sister, but an even better retiree. She would lay on her cushioned bench outside by the pool, tanning her yellow lab self, in the manner of a true snowbird.

Layla brought lots of laughs, and was a true companion. Pretty girl, you will be missed!

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