Adoption Application

Please understand that a dog that is in rescue generally has already been given up once. While all of our dogs are thoroughly evaluated, they are all different and will have their own unique personalities and temperament. You must be prepared and committed to the dog and dealing with any issues or needs. This rescue’s intention is to place these dogs in forever homes. The breeds we rescue are not for the casual dog owner and should not be selected if you have never owned a dog before. If you understand the sporting breed you have chosen, and are prepared to make a lifetime commitment, please review our adoption process and complete an adoption application for consideration.

TSBR is a foster-based rescue program and does not have a shelter or facility. Only approved adopters may meet our dogs outside of a public event


Due to COVID-19, TSBR will ONLY consider applications to adopt within the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex our primary adoption area (see map.

Important things to consider:

  • If you are submitting an application to adopt because you are interested in one particular dog listed on our website, it is highly probable that the dog will be adopted prior to your application approval.
  • Our primary adoption area is the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex (local adoptions).
  • Existing and recent pets in the home must be spayed/neutered, current on all recommended vaccinations, and on monthly heartworm preventative (proof of purchase required). Please specify if there is a medical reason any of these conditions are not met.
  • You must have the ability to provide for proper exercise.
  • You must be willing to engage a professional trainer and work through any unforeseen behavior/obedience issues.
  • Any dog adopted from TSBR shall reside indoors, in your home, and live as a family member and companion only. We do not condone nor support adoptions of animals as outdoor pets (reside outside the house in a yard or kennel). The dog will not be kept outdoors during the working hours, or at any other time left alone outdoors unsupervised, or while the adopter is not at home.
  • While TSBR holds several events providing approved adopters an opportunity to meet dogs in our program and visit with volunteers, as well as individually scheduled meetings with foster homes; we do not conduct on-site adoptions (i.e. show up, pick a dog, and take it home).
  • There are several things that may delay the process, for example, if your references, which must be checked before moving forward are unavailable, it will delay the process, since those must be checked before moving forward.
  • All dogs in our rescue program live in private/volunteer foster homes. We do not have a kennel, facility, or pay to board our dogs in lieu of a foster home. We can only save the number of dogs we have foster homes.
  • TSBR’s emphasis is on placing the right dog with the right family; as such, an applicant may be approved to move forward in the process to adopt, and provided contact information for the foster family to meet a dog, but are not guaranteed the dog they have “fallen in love” with on our website. In these cases, we welcome the opportunity to continue working with the approved applicant to find a dog that is best suited for their home. We ask that potential adopters understand that our decision is wholly based on what we feel is best for the dog.
  • While TSBR permits adoptions to apartment and townhome dwellers, not every dog in our program will be appropriate for such an environment. Additionally, puppies under the age of 4 months or who have not received a complete set of vaccinations prior to adoption (due to age) are not candidates for apartments and townhomes. The only exception to this rule is if the unit includes private access to a patio or similar area, in which the puppy may relieve itself. TSBR established these guidelines due to the increased risk (to a puppy without full immunity) to diseases such as Parvo or Distemper.

Prior to submitting an adoption application for consideration, please take a few minutes to review our Adoption Process and read our Frequently Asked Questions.

TSBR Minimum Adoption Fees:

Our minimum adoption fees are directly linked to our costs to care for dogs in our program. Adoption fees are non-refundable.

  • Adult dogs (1 year - 8 years) = $300 - $500*
  • Puppies 7 weeks - 1 year = $350 - $500*
  • Senior dogs over 8 years old = $300*

*Adoption fees are subject to change as deemed necessary by TSBR. Each adoption and the care an individual dog receives is subject to change and is at the discretion of our Chair of Animal Welfare. Our website does not bind TSBR legally but is merely a guide. The signed adoption contract with each adoption is legally binding. Adoption fees must be paid by cash, check, money order, bank check, or credit card (additional fees apply for use of credit card). Adoption fees are non-refundable.

**If, at the time of adoption, your dog or puppy has not been spayed/neutered (based on the recommendation by TSBR Veterinarian), you are required to sign a spay/neuter agreement and will be responsible for the spay/neuter. Our adoption contract requires that all dogs (or puppies) be spayed/neutered within one month of adoption, or when age-appropriate. You are asked to notify us when and by who this surgery will be performed. Our volunteers will verify that the dog has been spayed/neutered. If you fail to spay/neuter, as outlined in the adoption contract you signed, our organization will take appropriate measures to reclaim the dog.

TSBR Adoption Process