Texas Sporting Breed Rescue, Inc.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Save a Life

It all started with a dream that we could see a no-kill society in our lifetime and that one of the biggest hunting and outdoor enthusiasts states in the US would embrace its Sporting Breeds and support our efforts in saving them. Driven by these hopes and founded by a group of dedicated volunteers we set out on the "Mission" of Texas Sporting Breed Rescue.

Our Mission

The mission of Texas Sporting Breed Rescue, Inc. (TSBR) is to provide for the welfare, shelter, and adoption of lost, abandoned, neglected, or homeless dogs and puppies, specifically; The American Kennel Club (AKC) 30 defined sporting group breeds - Retrievers, Setters, Pointers, Spaniels, Vizslas, Weimaraners, and Spinone Italianos; to promote the responsible care of companion animals, to actively promote spaying and neutering as the most humane means of animal control; to support heartworm education and treatment; and to provide training and education to the public related to topics such as: animal welfare, responsible dog ownership and breed information.

A Letter from our Board

Dear Friends and Supporters ~

We are a young organization, founded in early 2011 to address the continued shortage of rescue organizations available in Texas to support the 28 AKC designated Sporting Breeds. We have carefully chosen a group of highly experienced, animal welfare driven, fiscally responsible; community-based volunteers to lead our organization, and to help bring our mission statement to fruition. Our leadership is comprised of both a board of directors as well as a critical advisory committee, bringing together the experience and expertise of Veterinarians, Corporate CFOs, Accountants, Lawyers, Dog Trainers, as well as representatives from the sporting community.

As rescuers, we have diligently supported our local shelters and their volunteers in the rescue and re-homing of many animals, and our commitment is to continue this aid to the animals in our communities. Being rescuers of sporting breed dogs, we have the unique challenge of assisting with the re-homing of several of the top breeds in the United States, including Pointers, Labrador Retrievers, and Golden Retrievers.

Anyone that has owned or worked with this group of dogs knows that these dogs make a difference in the lives of those that love them, work with them, work for them, and depend on them. We sincerely hope to return that favor to them! We care about the dogs, the communities we serve, and the people whose lives we touch. Help us make a difference!

We hope to count on your support and thank you for it.

Kind Regards,

Board of Directors

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