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Harley's Hope Fund

I got a second chance...

Harley was seized by authorities because his family was starving him to death.

He was laying...dying on a cold, hard shelter floor. Through the efforts of amazing volunteers, Texas Sporting Breed Rescue was able to rescue this sweet yellow boy on June 10, 2014.

“Mommers” quickly stepped in to make sure his days were filled with love, and shared those special moments with "Harley World" - each day for Harley was a gift to him, and to us. 

It was also a constant reminder of our greater purpose in this life...to love and ensure that the animals we care for in our homes and communities never see the circumstances our Sweet Yellow Boy endured. It takes each one of us to stop the abuse of animals in our society and each one of us to help heal the fragile spirits and frail bodies of those that make it out.

We hope you will join us on this journey.
Love, Love, Love
From the bottom of his paw

Letter from Mommers

Please consider a donation to our Harley's Hope Fund.

This fund enables TSBR to rescue very worthy medical special needs senior sporting breeds that would otherwise never get a second chance!

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