Yellow Labrador

Application to Surrender

This application is only the first step in the process of having your dog considered for our program.

All dogs considered for the TSBR rescue program are evaluated regarding their health, temperament, and other characteristics to establish their suitability for placement into foster and adoption homes. 

Initial steps in our process for consideration:

  1. Application
  2. Photographs for initial breed determination
  3. Veterinary Records
  4. Interview via phone
  5. Temperament evaluation (a member of our animal welfare team will need to meet the dog in person)   

We are an all volunteer, foster based rescue organization - we do not have a facility, nor do we place our dogs in a boarding facility in lieu of having an available foster home. 

The surrender process can take time, and generally does not happen "overnight" and should not be considered a commitment from TSBR to accept your dog into our program. To the extent possible, we would like to work with you to avoid the dog going to a shelter. 


  1. A completed surrender application does not obligate TSBR to take your dog.
  2. Aggressive dogs will NOT be considered. This means - if your dog is not social with other dogs ("best as only dog"), and/or displays ANY signs of aggression towards other dogs OR people - we will NOT consider your dog for our program.  
  3. TSBR has the right to deny or refuse any surrender application.
  4. TSBR may request a donation from individuals wishing to surrender their dog in order to help with the initial care and feeding.
  5. TSBR does not have a shelter or other facility, our ability to rescue dogs is dependent on the number of available foster homes. 
  6. The surrender application is intended to provide general information about the dog you wish to surrender, such as name, gender, age, weight, color, type of food, dates and types of immunizations, any medical conditions that we should be aware of and general behavior around children and other animals. 

When completing the application, PLEASE be honest as it helps volunteers to PROPERLY place your dog in a home. Negative behaviors DO NOT mean we will not take a dog into our program. What you perceive, and what we perceive as negative are usually not the same. Many behaviors are just typical sporting breed traits.

Once you submit your surrender application, a volunteer on our animal welfare team will contact you, generally by email. This may take several days, as we receive numerous surrender applications each day, and it takes our volunteers time to thoroughly review each request. Further, depending on the number of dogs we have in our rescue program, we may not be able to take in your dog immediately due to limited capacity, so we kindly ask for your patience. Thank you for your interest and understanding.

A completed surrender application is not a commitment from TSBR to accept your dog into our program. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your application will not be considered until you provide veterinary records and photographs. You will receive instructions on how to provide photographs once you have completed the application.