Meatball Memorial Fund

Meatball Memorial Fund...

To know Meatball, was to know the genuine unconditional love of a Labrador Retriever...

To know Meatball, was to know the genuine unconditional love of a Labrador Retriever, the spirit and companionship of a canine best friend, the silly antics of a furry child, the welcoming tail wag of America's favorite breed 10+ years.

Her wiggly, tail swaying, treat begging, love anyone and everyone disposition - furry or human, made her the perfect friend to her family, her community, and the perfect Ambassadog to Texas Sporting Breed Rescue.

To look at Meatball's shining example, no one would ever guess that she was a rescue. That someone had abandoned her like trash put at the curb.

We first met Meatball at the shelter. But not as a dog available for adoption. Meatball was instead the friendly face there to greet those who would come to search for a new friend. An enormous billboard that screamed “Adopt, don’t shop!” To the shelter dogs, Meatball was a non-threatening tail wag, that eagerly met new dog friends who were stressed and overwhelmed at their new plight. Meatball spent her life teaching everyone she met that dogs are not disposable, and that rescue dogs are amazing and worthwhile.

Meatball's best friend and family are mourning her passing. Our community is mourning her loss too, and at TSBR...we are filled with the joy of her memories and knowing her, as well as the saddest emotions possible at the thought that our dear friend has left us. Meatball however, would lick those tears, say let’s get a treat to make us feel better, and then let's get out there and save some more of my friends like me!

Texas Sporting Breed Rescue is going to do just that and has established the "Meatball Memorial Fund" in hopes to honor her legacy and that of her amazing best friend that rescued her. Donations from her fund will go to aide needy Black Labrador Retrievers in North Texas.

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