Cash's Story

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Casn and friend
Cash and friend Tioga...showing the little guy the ropes!


11/01/2012: Update - Cash is doing great and really improving!

The medication is helping and while Cash is not yet on dry kibble, he is eating in a normal position and moistened food without it being pulverized or mush. This is great! Cash will be see in 2 weeks for his next follow up and we hope at that time he will get the go ahead to be neutered and can start looking for his forever family!


10/16/2012: Update - The "Cashman" had his second post op appointment today!

He is certainly a hit with the doctors and staff at CVSC. When we arrived he was greeted by everyone as he came in the door..."hey ya doin fella!"  Cash of course is Mr. Social and must make the waiting room rounds to greet every man, woman, child, and pet. Cash stayed for most of the day and had a series of exams by both his surgeon Dr. Moeller, and the Internal Medicine specialist Dr. Gulikers. He also underwent a barium x-ray study where they put  dye in his food and take x-rays while he swallows. This allows them to track residual restriction of the esophagus as well as determine general progress.

The good news is that Cash has made great progress and we have transitioned him  from elevated feedings to a normal feeding position, most dogs would use. There is still a good amount of swelling or laxity in parts of the esophagus and at this time it is unsure whether that will resolve with time, require additional intervention, or remain stable necessitating some continued modifications to his feeding long term. We have added a medication to aid in the movement of the esophagus and digestive tract called Reglan. For now we will continue feeding him moistened kibble, follow the surgeons instructions and check back in a couple weeks.

Regardless, Cash is greatly improved and is finally putting on weight and enjoying life as a rapidly growing puppy! Something that just a month ago was impossible!

Cash says THANK YOU.


10/02/2012: Update - Today Cash had his first post op appointment.

Staples came out and he is fully recovered from his respiratory infection. All activity and physical restrictions have been lifted. He also no longer must remain upright for 10 minutes following meals. We are taking it slow, making small changes. His next post-op which will include a barium swallow x-ray will be on October 16, 2012.


Cash Incision Cash Incision 2 Cash checkout


09/22/2012: Update - Cash goes home to his foster!

Crate rest and a strict diet during recovery, but if you ask Cash-he has no clue he just had major thoracic surgery. He such a happy boy! He was started on antibiotics to go home because he developed a cough.


Cash Coat Cash Camo Coat Cash Stool
Cash Car Cash Meal Cash Table


09/20 - 21/2012: Update - The nurses and techs are all about Cash!

He definitely has a fan club!


Cash Grass Cash and Foster Cash Enjoying
Cash Meal Cash Recover


09/18/2012: Update - Cash has his surgery consult at Center for Veterinary Specialty Care (CVSC)!

We are excited by the optimism, experience, and especially how they embraced Cash and have decided to proceed with surgery at this facility. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning.


Cash CVSC Cash at the counter Cash waiting patiently


The beginning

Cash in chairJust a few weeks ago we took in Cash's mama, a beautiful black Labrador Retriever named Nana as well as his sister Jadis.

Both stunning Labs have already been adopted. However when we accepted them into our program we couldn't leave little Cash behind. At just 4 months old he was already showing signs of malnutrition and the owners thought he had a swallowing problem.

Cash had no where else to go, (turned down by another rescue) but to the shelter, where we all know he would never make it out. So, even though he isn't a perfect Labrador we accepted this pup in hopes that our supporters would pull together for this guy. Cash just wants a chance at a forever family and happy healthy life like the rest of our dogs.

We quickly employed our partner Veterinarian and after thorough testing and observation the doctors have confirmed that Cash has a birth defect known as:

PRAA or Persistent Right Aortic Arch


Cash's Condition

Normal Anatomy

Key Points:

Cash's Condition Normal Anatomy
  • PRAA is a congenital anomaly of the blood vessels of the heart that results in constriction of the esophagus
  • Surgery is the only Life saving treatment option. Most pups that do not undergo surgery generally succumb to aspiration pneumonia or starve to death from lack of caloric intake.
  • Treatment early is better for the patient to prevent erosion of the esophagus and permanent damage.
  • Prognosis with surgery is very good!

Read more about PRAA

Adding up the costsCash in Hospital - 18 weeks old

The surgical costs and post care are estimated to be nearly $2600.00 despite a generous rescue discount. In addition to this there is pre-op care and tests, and post-op care and tests along with recovery vet care that will run another $1600.00.

That's a total of $4200.00

We have 30 days to raise funds for Cash, in order to humanely care for his growing body and its needs.

Rickord's Animal Hospital has also generously provided care to date to help us maintain little Cash in hopes he will get his life saving surgery!

Cash NEEDS surgery NOW to survive!