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Hey I’m Max! My brother Mason and I are hanging out just chilling getting settled in at our foster home while we wait to meet our new family.

We’ve always heard how perfect we are and how much we are loved. So it was sad to leave our home where we’ve been together our whole entire lives. 

Our people gave us everything and took amazing care of us! We are pretty darn smart, have great manners, are comfortable hanging out in the house, or in our crates if the occasion arises. We like car rides and hikes, snow, and a good game of hide and seek.   

The grandkids always threw our balls, and rubbed our ears, and snuck us cookies (maybe a few too many).  We will miss them for sure!

We grew up with some littles…little people, little furries, and a few little felines. We are pretty flexible, and easy going!

If you are ready for some handsome friends, and are over all those puppy shenanigans, and just want to get down to the business of cuddles, companionship, and adventures ~ then we are your boys!

Ask to meet us!


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