Bebo's Sponsorship Page

Bebo is looking for the perfect WPG loving home. 

He is smart, handsome (it’s not his fault inexperienced people shaved him), energetic, and eager to work for you. His first year of life didn’t go as planned and he found himself in dire straits. To make up for that we have promised him a family that loves the breed, promises to train him, understands his natural abilities, and makes him a part of the family. 

Griffs require consistency, instinct appropriate exercise, a gentle hand, a sense of humor, and a love for a mussy beard!

If you’ve got solid experience and are looking for a fabulous boy with tons of potential to add to your pack, ask to meet Bebo

SPECIAL NOTE: Applications outside the state of Texas require exceptional qualifications that meet or exceed our minimum listed under the adoptions page on our website, and in addition must include solid breed experience, veterinary references, a training commitment, and a willingness to travel for more than one meeting in person. To request an exception please email in advance of completing our application process. 

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