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Meet Sherwood known in our parts as “Woody”  This handsome boy checks off pretty much every box people think of with Labs... smart, loyal, a snuggler, friendly with other dogs, playful, outgoing, athletic, goofy and an all around love bug. 


Woody loves his toys, especially the ones that he can fetch and run around the yard with. 


He is eager to please and would really shine with some additional training work. 


Sherwood came to us after being shot multiple times and we worked hard to save his left eye. He has vision in it despite its appearance and it doesn’t stop him one bit! He’s a very happy and playful boy and hasn’t let his prior injuries slow him down. Now that he is fully recovered his best life is before him. 


He would enjoy meeting a family that has friends for him to play with, will have a routine that includes play, exercise, and social time, and who values the role of training in creating the very best relationships for life!


Falling for Woody! 

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