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I want to start off by saying pictures do not do this gorgeous girl justice.  Her coat is so sleek and shiny that it’s hard to capture her beauty.  She is overweight and is currently going on long walks and on a diet.

Pink is a happy happy lovable squeezable dog.  She loves people of all ages and sizes.  She’s been around my 20 month old nephew and is gentle with him, lets him walk through a door before her.  Her demeanor changes when she’s around him.  She just knows that he’s precious cargo and needs to be treated as such.  At night she sleeps on the couch without a peep or anything being chewed up or rummaged through.  She knows basic commands and will even fetch.  She walks almost perfectly on a leash.  If she see’s a squirrel she get’s very curious and would love to chase after that pesky thing.  We have been working on keeping that desire in check and so far she is doing very well.  She recently had a trip to the dog park where she did wonderfully.  She wanted to run with all the dogs as long as she knew her person or foster brother were close by.  Pink is such a huggable dog and seems to love a good tight squeeze as often as possible.  When I walk in the door it looks like her entire back half is going to wiggle off of her body because she gets so excited.  She loves going on car rides and does well in the car, is calm on a patio, doesn’t jump on people, but she DOES NOT like vegetables.  lol

Things we are working on are, not chasing squirrels while on a leash, not barking when I walk in the door, and sitting and waiting before diving into her food bowl at eating time.  She’s a quick learner and has done very, very well with all of these.  She is easily corrected, listens well, and did I say fast learner?

Pink would love to have an active family (that will not over feed her) with kids and dogs.  She’ll softly wrestle with the big people and be gentle with the little ones.

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