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Hi I’m Scrabble! 
I’m a smart little guy and my mama is the beautiful petite Mama Uno. 

Mama and an entire van load of our family and friends made it off of death row, out of their dog houses and off of chains just ahead of the snow storm last week that would have resulted in our almost certain deaths. Scary!!!
Transport drove in freezing cold, snow and ice to get us to safety. But no one could have imagined then,  that we survived all of that only to be huddled with our new fosters in front of fireplaces, with no electricity, heat, water, and in dire conditions. 

We all felt helpless but our fosters are rock stars and every single one of us beat the odds not just once but TWICE last week!!! Now that’s something to be thankful for ❤️. 

So here I am growing growing growing and today we are enjoying the warm sunshine and getting ready for better days. We will be available beginning 3/5/21

Falling for Scrabble

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