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Meet Kamek...this boy is up from the coast and the poor guy has had it rough. He was attacked while waiting for someone to rescue him and left for dead. 

Kamek is a 3yr old male and is also heartworm positive, aprox 15lbs underweight, anemic, and is recovering for abscessed wounds to his face, neck and leg along with just basic neglected care. 

He has been hospitalized since 9/4 and has been bathed, received pain meds, multiple antibiotics, water therapy, and started on the 30 days pretreatment for Heartworms. 

He currently has no restrictions but in 30 days will be ready to begin heartworm treatment and crate rest. 

He has not been neutered due to his heartworm status and anemia but will be once that is stable. 

Kamek is looking for a home where someone will love him and never leave him behind to fend for himself!

Stay tuned for updates to this sweet guy. 

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