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Clifford (who we affectionately call “Cliffy”) - loves other dogs, and watches our resident dog carefully and imitates her!  When she eats, he eats.  When she plays with a toy, he picks up a toy.  You get the picture.  He also plays with toys, eats and potties without her, but he goes looking for her when she leaves the room without him noticing.  He will be happiest in a home with another dog big enough and active enough to be his playmate, guide and pal.
Clifford loves everyone!  He even loves the Vet tech who took him back for his neuter.  He loves and trusts all people.  He especially enjoys his time with older males.  Ideally, there will be an adult male in his home who takes an active interest in training him and hanging out with him.  Clifford likes to be with people, and always moves to be physically as close to you as possible.  
Clifford is crate-trained and sleeps all night in his crate.
Clifford is learning to walk on a leash, and with consistent training, he will pick this up quickly - especially if walked along with another dog.
Clifford knows "Sit" and "Go outside"  --  We are working on "Come inside", "Down" and "Wait"  He knows "Down" if accompanied by a down motion.  He is a quick study and is very trainable!!  He loves Pup-peroni treats and enjoys training.  A home with someone who plans to continue training is a must and will help him be such a well-mannered adult dog!
Clifford has two barks - the "There's a visitor  at the door" deep bark and the "come play with me right now" yap.  Clifford likes to be inside more than outside, and he will yap at the door to come in (if there are people inside) - even if some people are outside with him.  He definitely likes air conditioning!!!
Clifford has been in our pool a few times.  He does not jump in yet, but he does like getting on the tanning ledge of the pool to play with the fountain and hang out.  
Clifford is a bigger dog, and he is learning about his size.  He does not counter surf, and he has only gotten on furniture to sit on our lap or lay with our resident dog.  He has never gotten on any furniture without wanting to be near someone.  Again, he just LOVES being close to everyone or his best dog pal!!!!
Until Clifford learns his size (he’s still very much a puppy!), We are uncertain how he would do around small children despite how sweet he is due to his goofy behavior and size.   He simply might knock them over! 
All told, Clifford is an awesome dog who deserves a family who will welcome him as a new family member and include him in everything.

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