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Boom is a handsome, very sweet, medium sized Black Lab. He can be very lazy, but also jumps at the chance for a swim or walk, or just play time. You will never be alone with him as he will follow you everywhere. While I don't think he has had any formal training, he does have very good common sense. He easily spends the night in his crate, and unlike during the day, at night he willingly walks in. Boom (not his real name) will need help with socialization, and some manners on leash. He has not chewed anything, is house trained with no accidents, and uses a dog door willingly. Boom is an awesome boy that just needs a little polishing (training).

My ideal family will love the adventurousness and fun of a Labrador, be ready and committed to training me, have a rock solid exercise plan, and love big dogs and all that brings!

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