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Hello….my name is Willow. My foster mom says I am special because I am such a sweet girl….most of the time. The TSBR Troopies rallied for me when I need to have a life-threatening surgery. I came through with flying colors, and was hardly phased because I am TOUGH! I love my foster brother and he likes to play with me. I play chase, tug and “roll around on the ground” with him.

My mom has these bells on the door and when I ring them, she comes and takes me out to potty. About 99% of the time I potty, but sometimes I just want to walk around. There are kiddos a few houses over that always play outside. I like to sit and watch them. Sometimes there are cows behind the house. They make strange noises. I like to sit and also watch them. I learned what those crazy bells did within just a few days, cuz I am smart. After that, I had no more accidents in the house!!! My foster mom was also pretty impresses and says I am pretty smart.

I sleep in my kennel at night and I am very, very quiet. I sometimes hang out in my kennel during the day and I don’t really mind. Just more time I get to take naps. I really like naps. I take like 3 naps a day. It really is a cush life. 

I am currently in the process of learning how to “Sit”. My foster mom says that word and then if I put my booty on the ground, I get a treat. It is pretty cool. I like treats so I don’t really mind. It also seems to make her really happy. The only thing that gets her really frustrated is when I get something, she doesn’t want me to have, and then I make her chase me!! That is so much fun!

I’m so glad that my ectopic ureter situation was taken care of by the troopies. That gave me the chance to have a great life. THANK YOU to all the TSBR Troopies!!!! I am now just hanging out to make sure I am 100% better and then I get to find myself a new home!! I am so excited to meet everyone. And yeah….just so ya know, you are gonna love me!

Thank You to the Clark’s and Encore Restaurants for agreeing to match DOLLAR-4-DOLLAR  every donation for Willow. 



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