Our Mission

The mission of Texas Sporting Breed Rescue, Inc. (TSBR) is to provide for the welfare, shelter, and adoption of lost, abandoned, neglected, or homeless dogs and puppies, specifically; The American Kennel Club (AKC) 30 defined sporting group breeds - Retrievers, Setters, Pointers, Spaniels, Vizslas, Weimaraners, and Spinone Italianos; to promote the responsible care of companion animals, to actively promote spaying and neutering as the most humane means of animal control; to support heartworm education and treatment; and to provide training and education to the public related to topics such as animal welfare, responsible dog ownership, and breed information.

Highlighted Dogs
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Howdy I’m Sophie My dad died suddenly and my sister and I were left to fend for ourselves until someone came to help and realized we needed help too. It was a scary few weeks but we are both safe now and hoping to find someone to love us as much as our dad did.  I’m past ...read more about Sophie
Mittens is a joyful puppy who makes the most of every moment.   It is hard not to smile when you are with her.  She is very smart and learns quickly.  She learned to “ring the bell” to go out in the backyard in just a day.   She is getting comfortable with her h...read more about Mittens
Hi I’m Monopoly A year ago I was spending all of my time taking good care of my 9 little properties (puppies). We were trapped in the Valentine’s Day blizzard and it took everything I had to whelp my puppies alone and keep the warm and alive. Whew that was really tough and took a lot ...read more about Monopoly
I’m Regan!   I was abandoned at a vet clinic in Ft Worth, but I don’t let that bother me.  I’m a happy, well-socialized dog who loves everyone and almost everything. Car rides are not my favorite, but once we arrive I love to explore new areas and meet ne...read more about Regan
I Love toys and friends and giving hugs. I’m a fast learner and want to please you. I’ve started training and I really like it so want my family to promise to keep it up. I’m still young so I need walks and exercise and someone to take me places and show me the ropes.  Fall...read more about Max
FRENCHY LOVES KIBBLE, COOKIES, AND HER DOG FRIENDS.     She loves going outside to run,  play, put her nose to the ground and explore; especially to the laughter and praise of  her foster mom.     She's not demanding but LOVES the human t...read more about Frenchy
Holiday tot Momma Holiday as she is currently know in these parts is currently busy taking care of her 8 little Yuletide gifts! Just in time for stockings and all the Ho Ho Ho festivities and she is definitely all about being in the Christmas spirit.  She’s even brought with her som...read more about Holiday
I’m Smiggle My people left me where I could get loose and I had a bad play date with a car - geeze how was I to know!  Well after all that I am one lucky boy and I didn’t have a single thing broken but my pride just a wee smidge - not worry though I am all healed up and react f...read more about Smiggle
  Guava Jack
Guava Jack is an adolescent Chocolate Lab pup and isn’t  just Handsome - he is goofy and sweet!  He is looking for a forever home with patience for a puppy, a commitment to training, a great exercise plan, and a fabulous sense of humor  Jack would do best in a home ...read more about Guava Jack
Kiwi is an adolescent Chocolate Lab pup and isn’t  just adorable looking - she is sweet! She is looking for a forever home with patience for a puppy, a commitment to training, a great exercise plan, and a fabulous sense of humor  Falling for fruit: Retrieveafriend.Org/a...read more about Kiwi
Mango is new to program and setting in at her foster. She will be available soon. Check back soon for updates. Mango is the exceptional black Labrador Mama of the fruit basket pups. She is sweet, patient, and has a goofy streak. She’s the perfect age too - past the puppy shenanigans.  ...read more about Mango
  Blue Bear
Blue Bear is new to program and settling in at his foster. Check back for updates.