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Ariel is such a smart puppy!  She has the most perfect “sit” and knows she needs to do that before her food bowl is put down and when she wants cuddles (which she loves)! She has a goofy side that will keep you smiling. 

Ariel is potty trained in her foster home. Her foster Mom thought she would train her to “ring the bell” to go out in the backyard. Ariel only wanted to bark at the “scary bells” and proceeded to teach herself to go in and out the dog door! She loves her walks and is socializing very well.  She doesn’t run up to strangers or new things.  She needs to think about it and looks for reassurance that it is okay, then she embraces it!

She loves playing with her foster “sister,” whether it is racing around the yard or gently wrestling on the floor.  She REALLY wants the cat to like her.  She is respectful and interested but so far, has given the cat her space. She likes to be with her “people” but is not needy.  Since her foster Mom works from home, you will generally find Ariel near her desk for a morning nap.

Ariel will play independently but given the chance, she would love to cuddle up with you.  Would this sweet, smart, and funny girl be the perfect addition to your family?

We are available for adoption now!

Falling for the Adventure Pups: Retrieveafriend.Org/adopt 

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