Hazel's Sponsorship Page

Hazel is a two-year-old Black Labrador that loves dogs, people and hanging out with the family. She enjoys short games of fetch and chase, can sometimes be the annoying little sister to her foster brothers, is wonderful in the house, perfectly crate trained, and would enjoy short walks as much as cuddle time watching a movie.  

Hazel will never be a marathoner, field trial dog, agility performer, or fetch maniac due to her previous hind leg injury, but what she lacks in endurance, and gait she makes up for by literally being one of the best Labs ever around here!

If you are looking for an easy going girl, LOVE Black labs, and don’t care that she isn’t a stellar athlete…ask to meet Hazel and change her forever and yours!


Hazel’s backstory:

Not even 6mo old she was run over by her owners and left for several days without care. She suffered multiple compound fractures, damage to her lungs, organs, and leg. Once care was initiated to add insult to injury - quite literally, the care wasn’t followed through on. Once Hazel came to Texas Sporting Breed Rescue, Inc. we began immediately trying to restore her mobility and ensuring that she could have a pain free existence. 

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