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Hi, my name is Henry!  

If you’ve been following my story on Facebook, you know I’ve had a run of bad luck recently. They tell me I was adopted from a shelter in an area where lots of hunting dogs are surrendered, UGH! 

My new family, tried to get me on the right track by getting me vetted and “fixed” yee-ouch!However, on the day we went back to the vet to get my stitches out, I jumped out of the car window and landed wrong… I mean wrong may be an understatement!!!! Luckily, TSBR heard about me and swooped in to save me!

Queue Facebook link to the rest of that story and lots and lots of pictures….


It’s been a few weeks since my leg injury and I’m fully recovered and ready to find my furever home!

My foster mom and dad love me a lot.  Maybe too much!  I’m not big on cuddling or face kisses, but they’re trying to change my mind…Everyone enjoys watching me point birds and bugs (anything really) while I run, explore, hunt and play in the backyard. 

I’m respectful and submissive with my foster sister, even though she doesn’t love me (YET) and I don’t pay much attention when the neighbor dogs bark at me.Unfortunately, I don’t have any playful dogs in my foster pack or neighborhood, so I’m pretty lonely… 

I love hanging out with you and can be a little velcro, but am also content to do my own thing as long as I’m not completely alone all the time. I’m hoping to find a new pack with the perfect mix of playful (but mature) brothers or sisters to help teach me how to be the best pointer pup ever.

I’m a smart pup, already have a good start on SIT, WAIT, FETCH/GET-IT, BRING-IT, DROP,LEAVE-IT, KENNEL, NO/EH-EH.  I’m house & kennel trained, but have had enough kennel time in the past few weeks to last me a lifetime!! 

I love toys, antlers, kongs and bones filled with frozen peanut butter, but am a bit A.D.D. so don’t focus on any one thing for very long.Most importantly, please remember I’m only a year old, so still have a lot of puppy energy and curiosity so I am still figuring out what I can and CANNOT do and/or chew on. 

Like a lot of 1 year olds, if/when I’m left to entertain myself, I can get bored and don’t always make good decisions, so I need a good and patient pack leader to lead me. 

If you have room in your heart and home, and hopefully a little carpet, rugs, or non-slip flooring (still learning 3 on the floor is more slippery than 4), I can’t wait to talk to and meet you!



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